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Cloudy Apple, Bangers & Mash


Cloudy Apple

Paired Dish:

Pork and leek sausages, mature cheddar mash and celery gravy


  • 12 pork and leek sausages
  • 3 large potatoes boiled and mashed
  • 125ml of cream
  • 25g of butter
  • 100g of grated mature cheddar
  • 500ml of chicken stock
  • 1 pint of cider
  • 3 sticks of celery peeled and sliced


  1. Heat a thick bottom roasting tray on the hob and add a little oil and brown the sausages.
  2. Add the sliced celery and continue to fry over a low heat until celery is wilted.
  3. Pour in the cider and reduce by half.
  4. Pour in chicken stock and simmer until the sausages are cooked through.
  5. Add the cream, grated mature cheddar and butter to the mash and stir whilst warming in saucepan.
  6. Spoon the mash on to 4 plates and top with 3 sausages.
  7. Cover each plate with the cider and celery gravy.

Reasons for Pairing:

  • Apple and pork have gone hand in hand for centuries the acidity of the apple cutting through the fat of the pork.
  • Cheddar apple and celery often associated with cheese boards so these flavours also work together.
  • This is based on a dish of my mums, Cider sausages which was one of my favourite when I was a kid.