Pago Uses Crowdsourcing to Launch New Rhubarb & Pear Juice


We are delighted to announce the launch of a new Rhubarb & Pear flavour juice in the UK, taking our flavour range to fifteen. Using our active social media channels (on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) we were able to directly connect with consumers and crowdsource feedback in terms of range expansion and flavour development.

The reaction from our consumers was overwhelmingly in favour of the launch of a Rhubarb & Pear flavour juice, with the majority of respondents signalling an intent to purchase this flavour versus two other proposed new flavours.

Since its launch in France Pago Rhubarb & Pear juice has quickly become a real crowd pleaser amongst consumers and food and drink outlets, being popular not only as a delicate and refreshing treat but also as a premium no-waste serve in cocktails for a round-the-clock, on trade experience.

Pago is a well-established fruit juice brand, with a heritage stretching back to 1888. Pago Fruit Juices can be found across the Mediterranean in many cafes, restaurants and bars and is served in distinctive 200ml green glass bottles. With fifteen flavours now available in the UK it is stocked by most major wholesalers as well as national retail chains such as Carluccio’s, Hilton Hotels, Gino D’A Campo My Restaurant and Veeno.

Pago Rhubarb & Pear is now available to order, with various special offers to both retailers and wholesalers to support the launch.

For stockist information please call 01709 919 345.