Pago Pride

Although Pride month has just passed us, parades in London and other big cities take place throughout the month of July.

Pride provides a platform for every part of London’s LGBT+ community to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and campaign for the freedoms that will allow them to live their lives on a genuinely equal footing.

To show our support, we have created a #PagoRainbow!

We’ve picked out a favourite flavour for each colour:

Tomato Juice is our top flavour for red, its unique taste sensation is healthy and packed full of flavour! Not to mention its rich red colour makes it almost too good to drink.

Next up is our Orange Juice, it is a fan favourite and the colour is in the name! It is a perfectly refreshing ‘sweet and sour’ balance of pure oranges with satisfying delicious fruit pieces. Why not indulge this season?

Or maybe our Pago Peach Juice is drawing you in? Its carefully selected tree-ripened peaches create the perfect silky, velvety juice drink which is why Peach is part of our rainbow!

As for green, our Cloudy Apple is the winner here. Directly pressed and unfiltered to retain maximum original vitamins along with its nutrients and fruity taste is why we’ve picked this completely natural juice.

Our Blackcurrant Juice is taking up the next spot. It’s uniquely sweet and tangy taste is second to none, which is why our list would not be complete without this gem!

Finally, the Pink Grapefruit Juice takes up the last spot. The unique combination of pink grapefruit and a touch of guava and dash of lime is a slightly sweeter, milder alternative to classic grapefruit juice which is why we just can’t leave it out.

Be proud to be who you are!