When a Hen Party became a Pago Party!

When I was asked to review Pago I jumped at the chance! I’ve long enjoyed this brand of juices, having first tasted it on holiday in Italy (flashback to sitting outside a café in sunny Rome with a Pago Orange Juice in one hand and a warm croissant in the other) and then more recently in some local Sheffield restaurants. My favourites have to be the Cloudy Apple Juice and of course the ever popular Orange Juice, but I was staggered to learn there are actually 15 flavours now available in the UK.

This was, therefore, a great chance to sample some of the different flavours, particularly when the guys at Pago told me some of them make fantastic cocktail mixers! Well, they didn’t have to ask me twice. I love cocktails…. who doesn’t?

I needed to think of the perfect occasion to sample the flavours without just making a number of different drinks and drinking them all to myself. That would just be greedy! What better occasion then, than my best friend’s hen party! A 20 strong group of women, who all appreciate a good cocktail… it was time to have some fun!

I had an idea that the Peach Pago and Strawberry Pago would make a cracking Bellini, but the proof was about to be in the pudding. Along with one of the other bridesmaids we set to work making Bellini’s for all…. And they did not disappoint!

With maybe a third of the glass filled with the Pago flavour of choice, we topped up the rest with some good quality fizz, a quick stir and voila. The hens who sampled them were drinking them with a little too much ease; the sweet flavour with the bubbles from the prosecco worked perfectly together and we were soon making batch number 2, and 3, and 4 and the rest is a bit of a blur!

The Pago fun didn’t stop there…. We decided to experiment with a twist on a classic Mojito – mixing Bacardi, mint, sugar and soda with a splash of the Pago Strawberry juice. WOW! This worked fantastically well and once again we were bridesmaids turned cocktail makers / waitresses.

I had so many people ask me, “where did you learn about this juice?”, “Where can I buy it?”, “What other flavours are there” and “I wonder how they would taste with gin?”  (I’m led to believe the Rhubarb & Pear works amazingly with gin, but not being the biggest gin fan, I know *Shock*, I’m yet to try it… maybe it will convert me?)

With a couple of bottles left over in the morning, and more than a couple of sore heads in the group a few of the hens took advantage of the tasty juice, grabbed a glass, filled it with ice and enjoyed the refreshing flavour as a pick me up (whilst taking a couple of headache tablets to numb the pain).

So, my Pago tasting/experiment/party went down a storm. A couple of the hens who are also in the midst of organising hen party’s for friends and family asked about doing the same for their events. I told them they might not be as lucky as me to get to be a sampler… but I guided them in the right direction for purchasing a crate of their choice – visit https://www.drinksupermarket.com/brands/pago

Ladies, you are welcome 😊

I would heartily recommend Pago to anyone searching for a quality juice brand. The breadth of the range is so wide and each juice is delicious in its own right.

What are your favourite flavours, and which juices would you recommend mixing into cocktails? I’d love to hear your suggestions!